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| Last Updated: 17/04/2021

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World Nature Conservation Day- 28th July, 2020

 World Nature Conservation Day 

Celebrated on July 28 each year, World Nature Conservation Day  recognizes that a healthy environment is the foundation for a stable and productive society and to ensure the well-being of present and future generations, we all must participate to protect, conserve, and sustainably manage our natural resources.

The natural world is facing an increasing threat from unsustainable practices and the challenge is how to preserve and conserve nature in the process of achieving sustainable development.

The state of nature has an impact on human survival, local and global economics, community life, human health and well being.

Effective Nature Conservation Methods

 ü  Use of alternative energy of energy such as solar and wind energy

ü  Plant more trees to maintain the ecosystem and to prevent soil erosion

ü  Use the water resources in a proper way and reuse the kitchen water for watering the gardens

ü  Grow vegetation in catchment areas


ü  Reduce the usage of electricity