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| Last Updated:15/10/2019

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360 mln-yr-old Gondwana fossils of early land animals found in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG: Evidence of early land animals on the ancient southern supercontinent of Gondwana has been found in the Eastern Cape,South Africa

It includes a fossilised pincer as well as part of the tail and 
sting from a species of 360 million-year-old scorpions, news 24 reported. 

They lived during a geological period known as the Devonian. 

The small, predatory creatures, which would have snacked on the world's first primitive insects and millipedes, were almost the length of a modern-day pencil. 

The specie is dubbed Gondwanascorpio emsantsiensis by its discoverer Dr Robert Gess, a researcher at the time with the Bernard Price Institute of Palaeontological Research. 

The tiny fossils were found compressed between layers of shale taken from a road cutting near

The research has been published in the scientific journal, African Invertebrates.

The Times of India (30-08-2013)