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| Last Updated:17/03/2020

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Workshop on biodiversity conservation


he local office of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), India, organised a one-day workshop for teachers on biodiversity conservation in collaboration with the State Council for Science Technology and Environment here today.

The programme opened with a presentation on “Plants Identification in Digital Age” by Dr Anil Thakur, Associate Professor, Government Degree College, Solan, who gave information to participants on how to identify plants and various websites useful for plants identification.

Hemant Gupta, Joint Member Secretary, State Council for Science Technology and Environment, gave a presentation on biodiversity management committees, where he discussed the salient features of the Biological Diversity Act, 2002, and the functions of the State Biodiversity Board.

Ravi Sharma, a scientist of the council, in his presentation discussed various components of biodiversity of the state namely ecological diversity comprising forest eco-systems and wetlands eco-system, genetic diversity and species diversity.

He discussed about various types of forests and forest cover in the state and various endangered and threatened species of flora and fauna.

In the last presentation, Aarti Gupta showed damage being caused to horticulture and agriculture due to monkey menace and initiatives to combat it. Vandana Thaplyal, state director, WWF, India, highlighted the activities and various conservation works being done by the fund. Teachers from 35 schools of Shimla participated in the workshop.

The Tribune (14-05-2013)