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| Last Updated:15/10/2019

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4,699 high altitude lakes in Himalayas mapped

As many as 4,699 lakes in the Indian Himalayan region at an altitude above 3000-m above mean sea level have been found in an ISRO study revealing the wonders ofHimalayas.

According to the first Atlas on High Altitude Lakes of the hills, the largest lake is Pangong Tso.

It is a long narrow lake spread over the Indian and Chinese territory in the upper drainage basin of the Indus river, at the east end of the Karakoram Range, says the study.

The study also cracks the belief that Tso Lhamo lake or Chho Lhamo or Cholamu lake --the source of river Teesta--is India's highest lake, located at an altitude of 5,330 m in eastern Himalaya.

The new highest lakes altitudinal distribution shows that lakes are detected up to 6000m altitude. Most of these are very small and mapped as point feature. Among the sizable lakes with at least 25 hectares area, the highest one is observed in western Himalaya at 5749 m in Jammu and Kashmir. "A total of 4699 High Altitude lakes have been mapped. This includes 1996 small lakes (2.25 hecatres area). The total area of high altitude lakes is 126125 hectares," it says. In eastern Himalaya, lakes above 5000-m are observed in the state of Sikkim. A cluster of large lakes are nestled at the altitude of 5000 m in the north-eastern side of the Kanchanjangha range (Khangchengyao), next to the Tibetan plateau. One of the lakes in this cluster is Cholamu lake. It is a small lake formed by the melting of the Teesta Khaytse glacier. The reported depth of the lake is around 5.5 m.

The Times of India (06-06-2013)