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| Last Updated:15/10/2019

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'Organic farming' to usher ever-green revolution in country: Professor Swaminathan

AMRITSAR: Laying stress on educating farmers to make right use of fertilizers and chemicals, Rajya Sabha MP and an acclaimed scientist, Professor MS Swaminathan said the wave of 'organic farming' will usher in the 'ever-green revolution' in country.

He said environmental issues confronting agriculture were serious but adopting the organic and controlled-fertilizers-use would end the woes. Professor Swaminathan was in the holy city on Thursday.

Talking to TOI the former head of National Commission on Farmers and Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR), Professor Swamnathan also appealed to the younger generation to adopt agriculture as a vocation. "The country needs young farmers, men and women both. They are more ready to adopt new technology and modern methods of farming", he said. "There are environmental and marketing issues confronting Punjab's agriculture today. There are issues of farmers' debts and need for diversification and crop rotation", he said adding that more and more farmers must adopt 
organic farming and the government must help the farming community to get rid of the challenges of marketing.

He however, said Punjab had been and would always be the leader in grain production and the hard working farmers from here will continue feeding the country. The head of 
Punjab Farmers Commission Dr GS Kalkat who was accompanying Swaminathan cited cultural and behavioural patterns confronting farmers. He said the focus had always been on Agriculture but the time had come when emphasis should be laid on economic prosperity of farmers also.


Times of India (04-04-2013)