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| Last Updated:23/01/2020

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A Firm’s Journey To Reduce Solid Waste On Ground


In 2012, Rajesh Manerikar wanted to use his knowledge and expertise to reduce solid waste on ground. About seven years since then, his idea evolved into a full-fledged social enterprise that now dabbles with waste management in partnership with the Pune Municipal Corporation at the ward level. Manerikar’s organization —Poornam Ecovision — had started with humble intentions. “We had a group of PhDs with a specialization in waste manag ement. We simply wanted to find a solution to reduce solid waste on the ground.”. Today, Manerikar’s organization has a plant off Sinhgad Road with a team of project coordinators and set of associates and partners. The organization also conducts ward-level drives with the PMC. During these drives, they collect clothes, plastic, sanitary waste, as well as electronic waste. The organization conducts training programmes for rural and slum-based womens self-help groups. During these sessions, they teach them about the procedures to process clothes the organization receives into marketable products. This in turn helps the women to generate substantial income for their needs.

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