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| Last Updated:08/06/2021

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Curb noise pollution: Chhattisgarh environment department

RAIPUR: Taking serious note of increasing noise pollution in state and its adverse effects Chhattisgarh government instructed all district collectors to establish complaint's cell for registration of complaints against violators.

As a measure to curb noise pollution on roads and public places and putting noise producing instruments under check, Aman Kumar Singh, principal secretary, housing and environment department issued a circular to all district collectors.

He has asked them to appoint a senior officer at complaint cell to take complaints and action should be taken promptly. District collectors should call upon police and home guards to monitor and patrol areas of the violators of sound pollution. Awareness drive should be carried on among the masses, the circular read.

Singh cautioned against the usage of high-decibel sound producing instruments in densely populated areas which has detrimental effects on the health of people. Usage of loud speakers and public address systems should be done on the written permission of the competent authority. High-decibel sound producing systems should not be allowed between 10pm to 6am.

It was also instructed that the instruments should not produce sound more than the prescribed decibel limits. Horns should not be used during nights at residential areas and silent places.