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| Last Updated:20/01/2021

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Centre moots “one child, one tree” plan for green awareness

NEW DELHI: The government has devised an innovative plan to generate awareness for greater greenery in the country with its "One Child, One tree" programme that it hopes to begin this year.

This time the programme that is meant to involve nursery-going children is an ambitious plan to have them plant a seed and nurture the plant till it grows into a tree. The idea is to create a bond between children and trees, right from childhood, environment minister Prakash Javadekar said.

With the 'One child, one tree' programme the environment ministry plans to start getting children in nursery schools to sow a seed in their schools and have them to nurture the plant individually till the time they remain in nursery classes. When the same children leave the nursery and move on to proper schools, they will be carrying the plant that they sowed with them and replant it at their homes or anywhere else that they want to and where they can track the growth of the tree. As the children grow up, the plant will also grow with the same children looking after them. This way by the time a child grows into an adult, he or she is also likely to develop a special bond with the tree that they planted.

The environment ministry is planning to start its pilot project this year involving 500 children and in the next year the government wants to take it across the country at a large scale.