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| Last Updated:14/01/2019

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No one has right to exploit environment: Modi

WASHINGTON: Batting for environmental protection and climate change issues, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that no country has the right to exploit the environment to their advantage, and this is the message that India and the US should spread, he told top American lawmakers in an interaction at the Capitol Hill.

"In so far as the context of environment is concerned, the rich Indian tradition clearly stipulates that environment is a natural wealth. And no one has the right to exploit it to his advantage. I think if India and the US spread this message together to the whole world, it would be an ideal option to conserve the natural wealth and protect our environment," Modi said in a brief media appearance at the US Congress.

Speaker of the US House of Representatives, John Boehner, had organised a tea in honour of the Prime Minister which was attended by some 10 American lawmakers, during which they discussed a range of issues including climate change and terrorism.