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| Last Updated:13/07/2020

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Unscientific disposal of waste worrying residents in Solan

 With few facilities for the safe and scientific disposal of municipal solid waste in various semi-urban and rural habitations in Solan district, people here are a worried lot.


Reason: Pungent smell emanating from garbage strewn all over the roads, including National Highway-22, has become a cause of concern for them.


Not only this, the waste is callously dumped either in or around big dumpers or simply rolled down hillsides thereby leading to its unscientific disposal.


While municipal committees in urban areas such as Solan have some facilities to dispose waste, places such as Barog, Dharampur, Kandaghat, etc, have no such facility.


At Barog, people were dumping waste right on the road around a dumper. Though the Forest Department officials had shifted the dumper from a forest area to another site last year to foster some sense of cleanliness among residents, the situation has failed to change much.


At Dharampur, the panchayat has earmarked a site for dumping all municipal solid waste. With little technique to scientifically dispose of waste, passersby are exposed to pungent stench even though the panchayat has erected a tinned wall to keep away the stench.


The situation was equally pitiable in other rural habitations such as Kasauli and Garkhal, where there was neither a proper site to dispose waste nor facilities to dispose it scientifically.


Since panchayats have little know-how to make arrangements for the scientific disposal of such waste, the hillsides are becoming a source of pollution, stench and potential site of breeding disease.


The State Pollution Control Board has the mandate of ensuring scientific disposal of such waste, but it is yet to reach out to rural habitations due to scarce staff. Moreover, its role is confined merely to urban habitations.


The Tribune (24/07/2014)