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| Last Updated:23/05/2020

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Video games may help curb climate change!

 NEW YORK: Video games have the potential to educate public and encourage development of creative solutions to social, economic and environmental problems, according to a new study. 

"Video games encourage creative and strategic thinking, which could help people make sense of complex problems," said Shawna Kelly from Oregon State University in the US. 

"Entertainment has always been a space for exposing people to new ideas. Using video games, it is possible to introduce sustainability concepts to the mass public in a way that is not pedantic, that is not educational," Kelly added. 

The culture of video gaming rewards people for solving problems and coming up with unique solutions. 

There is a common interest and connection among players, and knowledge is easily shared via game-specific wikis, message boards, instant messaging and more, Kelly pointed out. 

"There's a huge set of people out there who love to problem-solve," she said, adding, "Why not harness that power that is already there?" 

The study appeared in the journal First Monday.

Times of India (02/07/2014)