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| Last Updated:19/09/2020

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Green clearances will not come in the way of country's high growth path: President Pranab Mukherjee

 NEW DELHI: President Pranab Mukherjee on Monday made it clear that the issues concerning green clearance will not come in the way of the country's high growth path as the new government intends to make the system more predictable, transparent and time-bound.

Addressing the joint sitting of the Parliament, Mukherjee said, "While putting the country on a high growth path, my government will keep sustainability at the core of our planning process".

Emphasizing that environmental conservation can go hand in hand with development under the new government, he said, "To achieve this, environment and forest clearance systems will be more predictable, transparent and time-bound".

He also said cleaner fuels will be promoted to bring down pollution levels in cities.

As India is expected to play a key role in run up to the possible global climate deal in Paris next year, Mukherjee said, "The government will earnestly take up mitigation works to meet the challenges posed by climate change and will closely work with the global community in this regard".

As conservation of Himalayan ecology and Ganga cleaning will also be a priority areas, the president said the government will launch a national missions on Himalayas.

Agriculture will also be the thrust area of the government.

Announcing the Centre's plan to increase investment in agriculture, both public and private, especially in Agri-infrastructure, the President said the steps would be taken to convert farming into a profitable venture through scientific practices and Agro-technology.

As he said, the focus will be on long pending irrigation project with the motto 'Har Khet Ko Pani'.

Inter-linking of rivers and rain water harvesting will get additional attention under the Narendra Modi government.

"There is a need for seriously considering all options including linking of rivers, where feasible, for ensuring optimal use of our water resources to prevent the recurrence of floods and droughts", said the President.

June 09, 2014, The Times of India