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| Last Updated:09/12/2019

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Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation to earn Rs 2.75 crore annually from biogas

AHMEDABAD: The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has awarded a contract for sale of biogas generated at the sewage treatment plant at Pirana to Rockstone Infrastructure Private Limited. With this, AMC expects to generate Rs 2.75 crore per annum, for 18 months.

Up till now, the gas generated at the sewage treatment plant was burnt and was being wasted. This month, AMC invited tenders from companies for sale of the gas generated and the contract has been given at the rate of Rs 9.18 per cubic metre.

AMC has also provided 4,000 sq m of land to set up the plant and leased it for 15 years. Suresh Patel, chairman of water supply and sewerage committee of AMC, said, "The company is already engaged in a similar biogas project in Jaipur and we will become the second corporation in the country to do this."

"This is the pilot project and 6 other places may have similar crude 
biogas plant projects in future," the chairman the committee added.

The Times of India (22-10-2013)