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| Last Updated:06/07/2020

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US consulate offers $200K grant for clean energy

BANGALORE: To ensure the poor have easier access to power, the US Consulate General (Chennai) has granted $ 200,000 to SELCO Foundation, a social enterprise working towards providing sustainable energy solutions to the underprivileged.

SELCO will utilize the aid to set up six innovation labs, which will develop and test sustainable energy solutions. It will also provide free training to 60 people on developing and servicing of solar equipment like lamps, inverters and water heaters, said Ashis Kumar Sahu, CEO, SELCO Incubation Centre.

"We have already trained 60 people and we aim to train 60 more every year. We will provide 
solar power equipment at affordable prices to slum dwellers and residents of rural areas, who don't have access to electricity. We will also help them get loans to purchase such equipment", Sahu said.

The Consulate has also supported a $2.5-million loan guarantee to Orb Energy, a 
clean energyservice provider.

US assistant secretary of state for south and central Asian affairs Nisha Biswal said at the Energy Dialogue in Delhi next week, scientists from India and the US will discuss clean energy technology, non-renewable energy and civil nuclear issues.

We used kerosene lamps to study

Recalling her childhood memories, Indian-origin Biswal said, "We used to study using kerosene lanterns in Gujarat." Even now, 40% of Indians don't have access to power and 32% get sporadic electricity supply, she said.

The Times of India (05-03-2014)