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| Last Updated:15/10/2019

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Government clears proposal to set up premier institution to develop solar energy technologies

NEW DELHI: In a bid to realize India's solar energy potential through research and innovation, the government on Tuesday approved a proposal to set up an autonomous institution - National Institute of Solar Energy(NISE) - in Gurgaon.

The NISE is to be set up immediately by converting the Solar Energy Centre (SEC), Gurgaon as a world class institute in the field of developing solar energy technologies.

The proposal was approved by the Union Cabinet in its meeting under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

"Solar energy technologies are evolving continuously and the proposal to set up the National Institute of Solar Energy is an innovative idea which will accelerate the process to support induction of the latest technologies to ensure maximum cost benefit and lead to early commercialization", said an official statement.

It said that a broad-based national team in the form of a Review-cum-Strategy Formulation Committee would be set up with representation from industry, scientific community and financial institutions to prepare a blue print.

The committee would look at various models available in the country and outside and prepare a roadmap for the Institute. Solar power developers from across the country will also be consulted in this process.

Setting up of an apex national centre for solar energy is a part of the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) which was considered by the Prime Minister's Council on Climate Change in August, 2009.

The Mission and other related proposals were approved by the government in November, 2009. While approving the JNNSM, the government had also approved specific targets and budget for the first phase of the Mission till March, 2013. This includes R&D in solar energy, including setting up of a Centre of Excellence as an apex centre on different aspects of solar energy technologies.

The Times of India (03-09-2013)