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| Last Updated:06/02/2020

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Peacock number rises to 1,500 in Chandigarh: Survey

CHANDIGARH: If it was the presence of leopards in Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary three years ago, the growing number of peacocks in and aroundChandigarh has surprised the wildlife department, which is conducting a year-long bird survey in areas around the sanctuary.

In 2010, the number of peacocks in the forest area and adjoining villages of the city was 920, but now the ongoing survey of birds has found that there are over 1,500 Indian Peafowl in the city. At least eight species have been found so far, and wildlife experts are expecting to come across at least half a dozen more varieties of peacocks. The lower Shivalik ranges are ecologically fragile and prone to soil erosion, but its peaceful environs attract many birds and animals.

Peacock has been sighted in good numbers in forest areas of Sukhna, Nepli, Kansal, Barotiwala, and Nathewala, close to Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary. Around 40 peacocks are housed in Peacock Park in Sector 39, which attracts many visitors. Earlier, the first-ever wildlife census had thrown up many surprises, with the search teams stumbling on high numbers of species considered rare so far in the sanctuary. Sighting of parakeets, cormorant, wild pig, large egret, ruby-throated bulbul, pangolin, and porcupine had come as a pleasant surprise for animal lovers. The bird survey is a follow-up to the wildlife census, with expertise being provided by Dehradun-basedWildlife Institute of India.

Times of India (30-08-2013)