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| Last Updated:17/03/2020

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Come out for mass plantation drives: Naturalist

For the conservation and beautification of the heritage township of Chamba and its environs, a naturalist of the region, Navneet Chowfla, has waged a campaign. He appealed to the Forest Department, voluntary agencies and NGOs to come out for a mass plantation.

In a statement here today, Chowfla said the winter season was conducive to plant saplings in the region.

While giving a call for the plantation drive with the participation of eco-clubs of schools, voluntary agencies and NGOs, Chowfla opted to participate in the drive.

The Mangla Ridge near the Sitla bridge, alongside the Manjari garden, western side of the Chowgan, Bannu hills and some other sites should be brought under plantation, he said.

The Tribune (20-01-2014)