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| Last Updated:15/10/2019

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Supply of products in plastic packing slows down

Though the Supreme Court (SC) has stayed the decision to ban products in plastic packing in the state, the supply of various products coming in the state has been affected.

The SC has stayed the ban till February 14, which was to be enforced from January 26, and will now take up the matter on February 10.

Distributors and retailers, fearing the enforcement of the plastic ban, have gone slow while placing fresh orders for the products being sold in plastic packing.

Several distributors are reportedly playing safe by not placing fresh orders and asking the retailers to exhaust the existing stocks and wait till the court decision.

Local trader Rajesh said, "The distributors are in a fix since manufactures are telling them that they will not take back products supplied in plastic packing if the ban is imposed in the state and the distributors are not placing fresh orders."

The High Court had asked the state government to enforce ban on the sale of polythene-packed food items such as potato chips, biscuits, ice-cream and 25 other items as the use of polythene was banned in the state.

After this order, distributors and retail sellers of these products had been in quandary as sale and stocking of these products entails heavy penalty and even imprisonment.

The High Court had passed this order to preserve the state's environment from pollution as the extensive use of polythene was a major cause of environmental degradation.

Traders have been arguing that almost 60 per cent of the products are packed in the polythene and manufactures have refused to supply product packing other than polythene.

They say, "The ban on products in polythene pack can't be implemented in the state alone. Either it has to be enforced throughout the country or the state should also be exempted from the ban." 

The Tribune (23-01-2014)