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| Last Updated:08/07/2020

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PCB to use waste for producing energy

The State Pollution Control Board (PCB) plans to solve the problem of waste management by utilising it for the generation of energy.

Kuldeep Singh Pathania, Chairman of the State Pollution Control Board , said in his view waste had to be treated as a raw material resource for energy in future. The board would use its expertise in the field of waste management for converting it into energy.

The focus areas of the study tour were solid waste management and recycling, municipal, industrial and bio-medical waste, waste to energy technology, landfill management, waste consultancy, waste water management and recycling, clean technologies and environment and sustainability.

Kuldeep Singh Pathania said a conference would be organised soon where organisations and companies involved in waste management would be invited to present their technologies to entrepreneurs and municipalities of the state to help make Himachal Pradesh cleaner and greener by adopting appropriate technologies. The State Pollution Control Board would facilitate and organise such programmes and ensure that modern technologies of waste management were adopted in the state.

The Tribune (14-10-2013)