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| Last Updated:10/08/2020

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Migratory birds spotted in Pong wetland

With the onset of winter, thousands of migratory birds from Siberia and Austria have started landing in famous Pong Dam wetland for their annual sojourn. The cackle of birds is also drawing attention in Hamirpur district too this year.

The lesser-known Bella near Nadaun in the district has attracted a number of migratory birds this season, which may increase as per experts. But there are reports of poachers becoming active in the area posing threat to birds.

Till now more than 2,000 birds have been spotted on the shallow waters of the Beas.

The major species, which have been spotted in the waters of the river, are ruddy shelduck, coots, cormorant and common poachers.

A huge flock of these ducks here has been attracting the locals as well as tourists to the spot, but the threat to the birds have increased as reports of poachers moving around in the wee hours in the area has also been reported.

Villager Sunil Kumar said, "The hunters move to the riverside in the wee hours, when it is still dark."

The flesh of the birds is in great demand and is sold at a high price. The land around the river of Bella village has good bio-diversity and is one of the reasons for attracting birds.

The valleys in Himachal host 36 per cent of the migratory bird population and out of 1,228 species of birds reported in India, 447 have been spotted in the waters of the state, as per a report.

Subhash Prashar, DFO, Wildlife, said, "We have taken steps to protect the migratory birds and the territorial wing of the Forest Department and the police are also keeping eye on the poachers."

The Tribune (05-12-2013)