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| Last Updated:19/09/2020

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Report on Khajjiar lake beautification filed

A committee constituted for suggesting the measures to restore the glory of the Khajjiar lake in Chamba has filed its report before the National Green Tribunal (NGT) here today.

In its report, the committee suggested some measures to be taken but for undertaking these, financial assistance is required. The counsel for the state submitted before the NGT that the state would forward its proposal for financial assistance along with the utilisation certificates, showing utilisation of the finances for dredging of the lake to the Ministry of Environment and Forest, within two weeks.

Whereas the counsel for the Ministry of Environment and Forest stated before the tribunal that such proposal would be processed and a decision to extend the financial assistance would be taken expeditiously.

After recording their statement, the NGT has directed all stakeholders to submit their objections as well as suggestions concerning the report of the committee. These will be considered by it. The tribunal has listed the matter for further hearing on January, 2, 2014.

The report was filed before the NGT in compliance to its earlier order vide which a committee was constituted to examine the problems faced by the Khajjiar lake in Chamba and suggest by way of a complete and comprehensive report the measures required to be taken for the restoration of the Khajjiar lake to its original status along with restoration of environment of that area.

The Tribune (26-11-2013)