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| Last Updated:17/03/2020

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NEERI team to study mining impact

PANAJI: National environment engineering research institute (NEERI) representatives arrived in Goa on Thursday to conduct a study on mining impact on the environment in the state.

Directorate of mines and geology assistant director
Parag Nagarsekar said that the team will meet on Friday to discuss on the study.

The environment impact study will be conducted with a view to examine macro-level impact of mining in Goa on the flora and fauna and local inhabitants. The study will also observe impacts of noise, vibration, and land environment. The state government, in its mining policy, has stated that 
NEERI will be asked to determine and recommend optimal level of fresh mining that can be undertaken in Goa.

Pending this study, no fresh proposal for environmental clearances and no fresh production of ore from existing mines shall take place, except movement of already extracted and stacked/stocked ore at the mine head or jetty.

The Times of India (03-01-2014)