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| Last Updated:17/03/2020

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State to switch off lights for Earth Hour

The World Wide Fund for Nature and the Shimla MC today urged residents, hoteliers, businessmen and factory owners across the state to observe Earth Hour from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm on March 29 by switching off the lights.

WWF in-charge Arti Gupta said the Earth Hour would be observed in 250 cities in the country and over 4,616 cities across the globe on March 29.

The Earth Hour is observed on every last Saturday of March around the world by turning off the lights.

Addressing the gathering here, she said the SMC, HPTDC and traders organisation were supporting the Earth Hour in the capital city.

“Road shows, cycling rally and awareness campaign in schools will be held to bring climate change and how we can stem this by encouraging the use of renewable energy,” she added.

Deputy Mayor, Shimla, Tikender Panwar said they urged residents, hoteliers and guest house owners to organise candlelight dinner during the Earth Hour and the SMC would switch off the inessential streetlights in the city. “We will assess as to how much electricity is saved during the Earth Hour,” he added. Panwar said the MC was promoting solar mission to promote renewable energy and mapping streetlights. “We are initiating cycling races next year to observe the Earth Hour. 

The Tribune (27-03-2014)