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| Last Updated:12/12/2019

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Indian council of agricultural research working on low-cost fodder producing unit

PANAJI: Indian council of agricultural research(ICAR), Old Goa is working on a low-cost model of producing green fodder under controlled conditions without soil and less water. 

"At present, the cost of the machine is around Rs 15 lakh," Prafulla Kumar Naik, senior scientist, ICAR, Old Goa said. 

The installation of a low cost device with the basic structure of a green house costing around Rs one lakh can benefit small and marginal farmers, he added. 

A total of 11 units of hydroponics technology to grow fodder have been set by Goa dairy, including one at ICAR complex, Old Goa. Under controlled conditions, fodder can be produced by the seventh day. 

ICAR scientists say conditions in Goa are most suitable to grow maize. Soaking time of only four hours is sufficient for maize seed and soaking of total seeds of a particular day in bulk is beneficial from management point of view. Quantity of seeds loaded per unit surface area also affects germination of seeds. 

Once the seeds are put on the rack in the greenhouse, they are shifted every day throughout the week till the feed is ready within seven days. 

About five to six kg hydroponics green fodder is produced from each kg of maize seed.

The Times of India (15-09-2013)