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| Last Updated:13/01/2020

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Foundation to promote clean and green living

MUMBAI: A green foundation has been set up for promoting clean and green living through social, cultural and public programmes. 

The Green Circle Foundation set up by Royal Western India Turf Club long with The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) would also work towards spreading awareness about importance of
solar energy and its benefits to society. 

"Under the Foundation, various activities are being planned in phases to improve Club's infrastructure to make it environment friendly and efficient. We will conduct energy audit and carbon reading of the Club followed by creation of bio-diversity resource park, which will house a butterfly garden," Club chairman Vivek Jain said. 

TERI, on the other hand, will create programmes of information, awareness and inspiration. 

"We have finite resources of fossil, oil, gas, coal, water, which will be scarce over a period and so we cannot depend on them to meet our energy requirements. We will have to look at 
alternate means and solar is one of the best sources as it is available in abundance," TERI Director General Rajendra Pachauri said.

The Times of India (18-02-2014)