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| Last Updated:13/01/2020

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BBMB has no dumping place, Truckloads of silt dumped on banks of Suketi khud

Authorities of the Bhakra Beas Management Board (BBMB) have been violating the Forest Conservation Act, 1980, as truckloads of silt are being dumped on a regular basis on the banks of the Suketi khud by them.

The truckloads of silt have been taken out from a balancing reservoir while cleaning the trash racks set up on the inlet of the 12.3-km-long Pungh slapper tunnel.

The water of the tunnel is used in the generation of electricity at the 990-MW Dehar Power House.

Local residents said a few days back, the BBMB authorities collected garbage while cleaning the trash racks set up on the inlet of the Pungh slapper tunnel and dumped it on the banks of the Suketi khud, which is a forest area.

This act by the authorities was posing environmental problems in the area. The BBMB authorities also dumped the garbage collected by them from the balancing reservoir, Sundernagar.

The foul smell emanating from it disturbed local residents who were living in the nearby areas. As per the environment management plan of the BBMB, throwing of silt is not permitted after monsoons.

Sources said the BBMB took out the trash in a bucket and loaded it in two tippers and then dumped it on the banks of the Suketi khud.

According to the BBMB authorities, it was collecting the trash taken out from the balancing reservoir so that clean water was passed through the Pungh slapper tunnel. The work will be completed by the end of this month, they said.

The authorities denied that they were dumping the silt into the Suketi khud but admitted that the BBMB did not have any dumping site.

DFO Ajeet Thakur said he had asked the field staff to submit a report in this regard. If any violation would be found, BBMB authorities would be booked for violation of the Forest Conservation Act, he said.

The Tribune (20-02-2014)