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| Last Updated:17/03/2020

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Sightings of endangered birds: Experts upbeat

BHOPAL: A team of surveyors from the state forest department and Wetlands International South Asia (WISA) has spotted several species of birds-including seven classified as endangered in National Chambal Ghariyal Sanctuary this year.Spread in an area of 5,000 sq km, the sanctuary that falls in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, is a habitat for endangered gharial and Gangetic dolphins. The development has surprised many experts as unabated sand mining in the area poses a major threat to endangered reptile and mammal species.

Experts have reported sighting of endangeredmigrant species of birds in ongoing annual endangered aquatic animal census, which began on February 7."We have found some most endangered species here. The sanctuary is a rich habitat for major winter migratory birds. Immediate steps are required to protect them," said T K Roy, ecologist and Delhi state coordinator of WISA. Indian Skimmer, 
IUCN red-listed endangered bird species is only type found in India that breeds and lives in the sanctuary. In winter, it migrates to northern, western and eastern parts of the country and a few migrate to Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Bangladesh. From 550 at one time, the population of the species is now on the decline, experts said.

More than 50 species of water birds, resident and winter migratory species, include the following uncommon species and dominating major species and IUCN Red-listed threatened species have been recorded in the sanctuary.

The survey team has not been able to track dolphins, ghariyals and crocodiles in big number this time.

Homing in on of winged guests

# Common migratory species:

1. Barheaded Geese in large number - Breeds in central Asia, Siberia and migrates to South Asia in winter

2. Lesser Whistling Duck in large number. Resident of south, southeast, East Asia and migrates in winter

3. Red-crested Pochard in large number. Breeds in North Asia, Siberia and migrates to South Asia in winter

# Uncommon birds:

1. Common Crane - Breeds in North Asia and migrates to South Asia in winter

2. Greater Flamingo - Resident of South Asia found in coastal belt of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Odisha, up to Andhra Pradesh, Pak, 
Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and migrates in winter

# IUCN red-listed endangered species:

1. Indian Skimmer-- The only species in the world that lives and breeds in Chambal sanctuary and migrates to northern & western part of India. Also reported in Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh during winter

2. River Lapwing-- Recorded in large number on banks of Chambal River, breeds in south Asia,
central Asia and migrates in winter

3. Black-headed Ibis -- Breeds in south Asia, southeast Asia and migrates in winter

4. Painted Stork --Resident of south, southeast and east Asia and migrates in winter

5. Egyptian Vulture --Resident of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and breeds in south Asia and locally migrates

6. Black Stork - Breeds in central Asia, north Asia, east Asia and migrates to south Asia in winter.

The Times of India (18-02-2014)