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| Last Updated:06/02/2020

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Baddi-based industrial unit wins green award

Elin Appliances, Baddi, has grabbed the ELCINA-EFY Award for its outstanding achievement in the environment management.

Kamal Sethia and Kishore Sethia, Directors, Elin Appliances, JS kang, Factory Manager and Sunit Verma, Manager, received the award from the Union Minister of State for Communications and Information Technology, Dr Killi Kruparani, at a function organised in New Delhi.

Ajay Shankar, Member Secretary, National Manufacturing Competitiveness Council, was the guest of honour. Elin Appliances has established a name for itself by undertaking plethora of environmental activities not only around their industrial unit but also in Jhiri, Mandi, where a nature park has been developed.

The park, besides providing a picturesque place to relax for the tourists, has also developed a herbal garden where several plants of medicinal value have been planted.

The unit management has also undertaken sapling plantations on a large scale where a targeted approach has been adopted to plant lakhs of sapling.

A comprehensive analysis of various activities in the unit was undertaken before awarding Elin Appliances.

Various environment performance indicators, its targets and national and international benchmarks were also assessed.

The adoption of pollution control technologies and the details of pollutants discharged into the environment were among the parameters taken into account.

"The company has well-defined environment initiative and we are undertaking a project to educate schoolchildren about various environmental aspects which are consequences of the disturbed ecological system. We endeavour to educate 10,000 students from various schools in the Nalagarh subdivision and activities like painting, slogan competitions and lectures on environment have been imparted to students to increase their awareness,” said JS Kang, Unit Manager.

Besides this, the company has set its own environmental indices which it strives to achieve and improve and thereby save energy on account of conservation and efficiency.

The unit conducts its own surprise audits to check the misuse of power and harvest water within the premises to minimise any adverse environmental impact.

The management has also been awarded for their outstanding performance in several other categories like human resource development, corporate social responsibility, quality and safety.

The Tribune (02-10-2013) Himachal Plus