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| Last Updated:: 03/04/2015

Limestone Reserve

Status of Mineral Reserve

Minerals constitute a fundamental component of the State's material and economic base. Himachal Pradesh through its history has been variously called as an "Apple bowl", "A Hydel State", and is now on the thresh hold of becoming the "Cement State" of India as the quality of Limestone which is one of the most important ingredients in the manufacture of cement is available in plenty.

At present there are three cement plants in Large and Medium Sector. Besides about 3 mini cement plants functioning in the State. 4 mdre large scale cement plants have been approved to be set up in the State based on limestone deposits at Sunder Nagar, Alsindi (Mandi district), Boroh-Shind (Chamba) Bagga-Bhalag (Solan District) and based on reject of NMDC mine of Arki, Distt, Solan. One cement plant based on Gumma limestone deposit  (District Shimla) is under consideration.

Source: SOER, State Council for Science, Technology & Environment, H.P.